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New pedestrian crossings planned for W. Catawba

Nov. 22. By Dave Vieser. With the widening of West Catawba Avenue several years away, the Cornelius Town Board has decided to spend $216,000 on two new pedestrian crossings, one near where a pedestrian was killed in 2022. It will take about four months for them to be designed and fully installed. The locations—West Catawba […]

Challenges crossing the street

US pedestrian deaths are at highest level in decades. Here are some tips from Chief Baucom

June  27. By Dave Yochum. More than 7,500 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents last year, continuing a troubling trend of elevated rates that began in 2020. Indeed, deaths of people walking surged 19 percent between 2019 and 2022. Pedestrian deaths rose a troubling 77 percent between 2010 and 2021, compared to a 25 […]

heads up cornelius

What does ‘yield to pedestrians’ even mean?

Jan. 30. What do you do when pedestrians are nearing a crosswalk? Yielding is the law, but stopping is great, too. With so many new signals going up around town, such as the Westmoreland HAWK signal, the town’s Heads Up Cornelius program is going over how to interact with pedestrians and cyclists in different situations. […]

Memorial at Silver Quay and W. Catawba

Crosswalks on W. Catawba not coming soon

Jan. 10. By Dave Vieser. On the morning of Nov. 30, a pedestrian was killed in Cornelius after being struck by an automobile on West Catawba Avenue near the intersection of Westmoreland Lake Drive. The scene of the accident is about midway between Nantz Road and Westmoreland Road, where no crosswalks exist on West Catawba […]

HAWK means stop when flashing

Dec. 15. By Dave Vieser. The High Intensity Activated Crosswalk signal on Westmorland Road west of I-77 is now in a flashing test mode. This will continue for at least a week before the system is fully activated, probably before the New Year. When it is activated, and a pedestrian pushes the walk button, the […]

Pedestrian hit on W. Catawba passed away

Dec. 1. The pedestrian hit by a car early Wednesday morning passed away last night as a result of her injuries. In a press release issued at 3 pm Thursday, the Cornelius Police Dept. said Joan Messier, of Chandler’s Landing Drive was not using a crosswalk at about 7:06 am Nov. 30. Earlier today Atrium […]

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Woman hit by car | update

Nov. 30. A pedestrian is in Atrium Main with life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car at the intersection of Westmoreland Lake and West Catawba this morning. Cornelius Police identified her as Joan Messier. CPD would not release her age, but voter registration records show a Joan Messier on nearby Chandler’s Landing. Police said […]

Crosswalk fix on Westmoreland under way

Oct. 4. Crosswalk improvements at Westmoreland Road connecting the two phases of McDowell Creek Greenway between Magnolia Estates and Birkdale Village at Sam Furr are under way and should be completed early next year. The new, well-marked crosswalk will include a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) pedestrian signal system. To watch a video of a […]

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Davidson scores ‘walk friendly’ honors for 11th year

June 23. The Town of Davidson is a Bronze-level Walk Friendly Community (WFC) for the 11th straight year. In the 12 years since the program began, only 82 cities and towns across 32 States have received WFC designations. What is WFC? WFC is a national recognition program developed to encourage cities and towns across the […]

Pedestrian struck in Davidson

Dec. 26. Six months after a pedestrian fatality on Main Street, Davidson Police say there has been another incident near the South Street intersection: A pedestrian was struck and transported with non-life threatening injuries to the hospital Sunday. A witness told police the pedestrian was crossing against the signal. Troubling history In June, Davidson resident […]