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New pedestrian crossings planned for W. Catawba

Nov. 22. By Dave Vieser. With the widening of West Catawba Avenue several years away, the Cornelius Town Board has decided to spend $216,000 on two new pedestrian crossings, one near where a pedestrian was killed in 2022.

It will take about four months for them to be designed and fully installed.

The locations—West Catawba Avenue in the vicinity of Harborside Drive/Westmoreland Lake Road and one at Robbins Park—were selected after the town commissioned a study of traffic counts between Nantz Road and Vineyard Point Lane.

Memorial at Silver Quay and W. Catawba

The funds were approved unanimously at the Town Board’s Nov. 20 meeting.

Cornelius will be responsible for maintaining the crossings, even though West Catawba Avenue is a state-maintained road.

In addition to the appropriate pavement markings and signage the crossings will feature Rectangular Rapid Reflective Beacons (RRRB), which are pedestrian-activated lights on the side of the road.