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Aquesta grants Payroll Protection loan in single day

April 3. Cornelius-based healthcare company Homewatch CareGivers has been funded under the emergency Payroll Protection Program (PPP) through Aquesta Bank. The company, which employs 150 people in Cornelius, cares for people in their homes. “These people depend on us to help them bathe, dress and feed themselves. Many are not able to get out of bed […]

A reader sent the photo from LKN Saturday afternoon

Stay at home given more urgency, on the lake and off

April 3. While there is apparently no consensus on closing boat ramps around the lake, it is being discussed. At a press conference today in Mecklenburg County, Health Director Gibbie Harris said closing ramps in one county might cause boaters to tow their watercraft to a ramp in another county. Social distancing on land and […]

COVID Q&A with Dr. Mike Miltich: It will get worse

April 3. By Dave Yochum. As new cases of COVID-19 continue to increase quickly, Dr. Michael Miltich said we should prepare our households for 3-4 weeks of isolation. The fact that not everyone started distancing as requested will not be helpful, The Town of Cornelius Commissioner said in an exclusive interview this afternoon with Cornelius […]

Pandemics then and now: Livestream and learn Wednesday

April 3. By Dave Yochum. You can livestream a virtual event, “Plagues upon the Earth: Infectious Disease and Human History,” on Wednesday, April 8, courtesy of Davidson College and Dr. Kyle Harper, a Professor of Classics and Letters and Senior Vice President and Provost at The University of Oklahoma. MPH Online, an independent online resource […]

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Where you can worship online

Houses of worship are practicing physical distancing by streaming worship and prayer services online to keep people connected with each other and God. If your house of worship is not included, please email the information to corneliustoday@gmail.com. Here is a list of  churches offering online worship or prayer services;   Church of the Good Shepherd […]

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Will Harris Teeter fry pork chop plan?

April 3. By Dave Yochum. Sources say Harris Teeter is not cooperating with the Town of Cornelius on plans for a “pork chop” turn from Old Jetton onto Jetton, heading into The Peninsula. So named for the shape of a median that would prevent left-hand turns toward West Catawba, the pork chop dispute may be […]

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Modern Dad vs. COVID-19: Willie Nelson

April 3. By Jon Show. When I was five we lived in a Minnesota suburb and my parents had an 8-track player with a pair of giant headphones. The headphones were large. Comically large. I’m assuming my parents owned more than one album but the only one I remember listening to was Willie Nelson’s Stardust. […]


Town wants the 411 on Medic dispatching

April 3. By Dave Vieser. The manner in which fire and EMS calls are being dispatched by Medic has come under intense criticism as the Town Board begins the FY 2021 budget review during virtual meetings. Particular concern was focused on the average time it takes for dispatchers to send out a call. At 2.8 […]


NC COVID-19 death rate will peak April 27

April 2. By Dave Yochum. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent global health research organization at the University of Washington School of Medicine, says COVID-19-related deaths in North Carolina will peak April 26-April 30 at around 49 – 51 per day. The IHME modeling suggests the actual peak in North Carolina […]


Muddling through this: Stay home, not everyone is as careful as you

April 2. By Dave Yochum. Bars and restaurants are closed. Tissue is still an issue. Countless people are working from home and the traffic is awesome. Meanwhile, parents are trying to home-school their children and Facebook is full of people worried about the results of too much snacking while they stay at home. There are […]