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GOP Convention: At this point it is a ‘go’

April 1. Will the Democratic and Republican national conventions go ahead as planned this summer? President Donald Trump says there’s “no way I’m going to cancel the convention” that Republicans plan to hold in Charlotte Aug. 24-27. What to do or not do about nominating conventions is a very difficult question for both parties—and for […]


Silvia forecasts 2Q, 3Q recession, major challenges for some industries

March 31. By Dave Yochum. The economy is suffering mightily—but it’s by no means the end of the world or another Great Depression. So said noted economist John Silvia in an exclusive interview with Cornelius Today. Of course, things are tanking now as America and much of the rest of the world stays at home […]

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CMS approves emergency leave plan for non-exempt employees

March 31. The CMS Board of Education adopted an emergency leave plan which will provide up to 80 hours of salaried leave for non-exempt employees during the COVID-19 crisis. The intention is to provide some salary for CMS workers whose usual work activities have been disrupted while schools are closed. The leave would be awarded […]

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Those in the know hunker down as numbers rise

  March 30. By Dave Yochum. There are more than 400 reported cases of COVID-19 among Mecklenburg County residents, but none so far in Davidson. No one knows exactly why, but the town is not known for its vibrant nightlife. It turns out that about three out of four reported cases of COVID-19 are adults […]


What does ‘essential’ mean for construction?

March 31. By Dave Vieser. Halting construction work as a result of the coronavirus varies from state to state and hinges on what is considered “essential.”  It’s a big deal for workers and residents alike. In Cornelius, for example, work continues daily on projects such as the new Chick-fil-A on West Catawba Avenue, as well […]


Governor issues ‘no disconnect’ order to utilities

March 31. An executive order issued by Gov. Roy Cooper prevents utilities from disconnecting customers who are unable to pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. The order applies to electric, gas, water and wastewater services, including ElectriCities, the town-owned electric utility. The Order directs utilities to give residential customers at least six months to pay outstanding […]

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NC denies Certificate of Need for Atrium in Cornelius

​​ The North Carolina D​ept. o​​f Health ​& Human Services has turned down a Certificate of Need​ from Atrium Health Lake Norman​ to build a 30-bed acute care hospital in North Mecklenburg. The $147 million facility, which ​was planned for the old Augustalee property i​n Cornelius, would​ have​ include​d​ two operating rooms. ​The decision may be […]

Budget planning begins Tuesday

March 30. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis, the Town of Cornelius will hold its annual budget planning workshop in three half day sessions beginning Tuesday, March 31 through Thursday, April 2. Each session, which will be live on Zoom, will begin at 1 pm and will be attended by the Mayor, Board of Commissioners […]

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Health leaders cheer governor’s stay-at-home order

March 30. Top brass from Atrium Health, CaroMont Health, Cone Health, Novant Health and Wake Forest Baptist Health say they support Governor Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order which goes into effect at 5 p.m. March 30. This order will not only help preserve medical supplies but ultimately protect those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, including […]


A personal message from our mayor…

March 30. UPDATED. “This weekend has been a challenge related to our lake and even our parks. It is so critical that everyone strictly abide by the county order, particularly related to group size and social distancing. I would encourage those observing abuses to report this immediately to 311 or 911. It is critical that […]