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COVID vaccination rates / Source: WalletHub

NC scores second-place nationwide in COVID safety

Aug. 25. With two-thirds of the nation’s population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, a new study says North Carolina is the second-safest state in terms of COVID-19. WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia across five key metrics—from community transmission to hospitalizations and deaths—to rank the states according to COVID safety. —North Carolina […]

COVID-19 update Jan. 20

Jan. 20. COVID-related hospitalizations statewide reached 4,741 in today’s coronavirus update from the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services. One year ago, there were 3,740 North Carolinians hospitalized with the coronavirus. Deaths There were 52 new COVID deaths reported by the NCDHHS today statewide. New cases There were 29,580 new cases in today’s report. […]

COVID update Jan. 19

Jan. 19. COVID-related hospitalizations statewide reached 4,689 in today’s coronavirus update from the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services. Hospitalizations were at 2,722 on Jan. 3, the first reporting day of the month. On Jan. 19, 2021, the NCDHHS reported 3,881 North Carolinians hospitalized with COVID. Deaths There were 37 new COVID deaths reported […]

COVID-19 update Jan. 18

Jan. 18. After a long holiday weekend, COVID-related hospitalizations statewide reached 4,630. There were a total of 97 COVID-related deaths since Friday, according to the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services. At this point in the pandemic, it is unclear how many people are entering the hospital for unrelated reasons and incidentally test positive […]

COVID update: NC hospitalizations top 4,000 mark

Jan. 12. COVID-related hospitalizations statewide broke through the 4,000 mark today, hitting 4,098. New daily COVID cases climbed to 25,445 in today’s COVID report from the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services. There were 17,705 new cases in yesterday’s report. One year ago Last year on this date the NCDHHS reported 6,851 new COVID […]

COVID update Jan. 7: New cases, hospitalizations, deaths

Jan. 7. The volume of new coronavirus cases today hit 28,474, more than 10 times the daily volume recorded in late November. COVID-related hospitalizations statewide rose to 3,474. Positivity rate The positivity rate statewide climbed to 31.2 percent. In Mecklenburg, the 14-day average positivity rate climbed to 24.5 percent. NC deaths There were 33 new […]

Deep dive into COVID numbers from Meck Health Dept.

From the Mecklenburg County Health Dept.: —80 percent of COVID deaths were among older adults over 60 years. —Out of 1,318 COVID deaths, only 37 deaths occurred in adults ages 20 to 39. —229 deaths were adults ages 40 to 59. —All deaths, except 36, occurred among adults with underlying chronic illnesses. —Almost half were […]

COVID update: NC hospitalizations remain over 3,000

Jan. 5. Even as the omicron variant is presenting as less deadly, COVID-related hospitalizations statewide rose to 3,099 today, roughly 150 percent higher one month ago in North Carolina. Dr. David Priest, chief epidemiology officer at Novant Health, said omicron appears to be less deadly, based on recent hospital experiences. “As omicron waves go through […]

COVID update Dec. 20: Positivity rate over 9%

Dec. 20. The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services today reported 2,892 new COVID cases statewide, as well as 1,630 hospitalizations due to the coronavirus, up from 1,584 as of Friday Dec. 17. Deaths Between Friday’s report and today’s NCDHHS report, there were 46 new COVID deaths statewide; three of them in Mecklenburg County. […]

COVID update: Hospitalizations statewide at 1,493

Dec. 10. The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services today reported 3,606 new COVID cases statewide, down from 4,153 new cases yesterday. Statewide hospitalizations climbed to 1,493, roughly 60 percent of year-ago levels. Positive tests The positive test rate statewide was 7.4 percent in today’s NCDHHS report. In Mecklenburg, 7.8 percent. Regional positivity The […]