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Deep dive into COVID numbers from Meck Health Dept.

From the Mecklenburg County Health Dept.:

—80 percent of COVID deaths were among older adults over 60 years.

—Out of 1,318 COVID deaths, only 37 deaths occurred in adults ages 20 to 39.

—229 deaths were adults ages 40 to 59.

—All deaths, except 36, occurred among adults with underlying chronic illnesses.

—Almost half were non-Hispanic Whites.

—Nearly 30 percent of deaths were connected to outbreaks at long-term care facilities.

—Among deaths not connected to outbreaks at long-term care facilities, nearly 2 in 3 were non-White, with 40 percent being non-Hispanic Black.

Disparities are largely driven by higher rates of underlying chronic conditions that increase risk of severe complications due to COVID-19 infection among these communities. Data through Jan. 4.

—Source: Mecklenburg County