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Town Commissioner Sansbury on parks and possible park bond

May 13. By Todd Sansbury. [Opinion] It’s great to see so many people passionate about Parks/Rec, which always ranks amongst the Top 3 citizen priorities. Any bond passage doesn’t equate to immediate debt service. An approved referendum is only the opportunity to invest, projects approval and the sell of bonds are still needed. As the […]

Letter to the editor: Joe Vagnone on homeless rights and personal responsibility

April 25. [Opinion] By Joe Vagnone. Regarding the Supreme Court case on homeless rights, while I appreciate your dedication to these issues, I find myself respectfully disagreeing with some of the points raised. Firstly, it’s crucial to distinguish between advocating for racial equity and social justice and the specific issue of homelessness. While both are […]

Letter: ‘Turning one’s life around: Better late than never.’

[OPINION] MARCH 12. Your article is truly inspring! Rafford Miller’s story is a testament to the power of God’s grace and the ability to turn one’s life around at any time. It’s so moving to see how Rafford was able to honor his mother’s memory by giving back to his community. His story is a […]

Con: 4-year-terms

[Opinion] By Kurt Naas. This election Cornelius citizens will be asked to double the terms of town commissioners from two years to four. They should say NO for several reasons. First, four year terms would insulate local government from the voter. But local government is close government; it affects your daily life more than what […]

SCC responds to Thurman Ross opinion piece

March 29. By Willie Jones. [Opinion] As Executive Director of the Smithville Community Coalition (SCC), I was dismayed at the Opinion piece in Cornelius Today on March 6, 2023, by Thurman Ross. He has a right to his  opinion. But we should distinguish his opinion from facts. A writer can say anything in an  opinion […]

Opinion: Former commissioner Thurman Ross calls for Smithville residents to have ‘better representation in Smithville revitalization plan’

March 6. By Thurman Ross. [Opinion] Residents of Smithville have organized the Smithville Residents Coalition (SRC) to have their voices heard during the proposed changes to their beloved community. Although the Smithville Community Coalition (SCC) has provided exceptional work in bringing attention to the plight of the neighborhood, the stakeholders, SRC, feel that their voices […]

Sustainable Electricity We Can Rely On

Jan. 12. [Opinion] By Gov. Roy Cooper. North Carolinians deserve reliable, sustainable electricity at a reasonable cost, but because of increasingly severe weather and aging fossil fuel plants, that result could be less certain. That’s why we now have a plan to ensure more reliable and sustainable electricity by moving more quickly toward low-cost renewable […]

Letter to the editor: Confederate Monument

Aug. 10. [Opinion] Since the owners don’t want to remove it, I wonder if there is a way to turn the Confederate Monument into a symbol of forward motion, as a tool to teach and learn from history? Taking it down doesn’t erase history, and vandalizing it doesn’t change its original intention from 1910. Can […]

Open letter to mayor and commissioners

Open Letter to mayor and town commissioners.  (On Jan. 5, Commissioners Denis Bilodeau and Jim Duke voted against the 199-foot cell tower that will go up at 19320 Lake Norman Cove Drive. Voting in favor were Commissioners Mike Miltich, Thurman Ross and Tricia Sisson) Jan. 25. By Ron Kelley. I spent the last week thinking […]


Opinion: We Have Disabilities, Mr. Cawthorn – It’s OK

Dec. 3. OPINION By Bryan Dooley. Maybe I’m strange for my age, or perhaps it’s because I have a background in history, but I’ve always been excited during election season. No matter who’s running, there always seems to be a surprise. There was a particularly big surprise in the mountain region of North Carolina during […]