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Letter to the editor: Joe Vagnone on homeless rights and personal responsibility

April 25. [Opinion] By Joe Vagnone. Regarding the Supreme Court case on homeless rights, while I appreciate your dedication to these issues, I find myself respectfully disagreeing with some of the points raised.

Firstly, it’s crucial to distinguish between advocating for racial equity and social justice and the specific issue of homelessness. While both are important, not every societal challenge falls under the umbrella of racial equity.

I noticed the absence of mention regarding the necessity for limits and personal responsibility, akin to those in all zoning laws and regulations. Our rights and liberties do indeed come with responsibilities, including respecting public and personal spaces and the laws that govern them.


Try comparing restrictions on public property to limitations on private property, like not being able to build a pig farm or large chicken coop in my back yard. Public spaces must be maintained for the common good, ensuring they are not misused or abused. Just as my personal property rights come with limits.

The comparison of sleeping in public to breathing in public oversimplifies a complex issue. While sleep is a necessity, so is respecting personal property and space, along with the laws that govern them. Allowing unrestricted camping on public property raises serious health and safety concerns for communities. This was never the intended purpose for public funds. You want a public camping ground fine by me, plan it, build it & before its all over there will still need to have regulations & policies in place.

The assertion that “unhoused is a symptom of fundamental deficiencies in our society” raises valid questions. While systemic issues contribute to homelessness, we must also acknowledge individual responsibilities. Public property should be used with respect and personal responsibility by all users.

I appreciate your call for policymakers to address homelessness, but we must be cautious of solutions that neglect personal responsibility and public order. While advocating for fair housing and resources is crucial, it shouldn’t compromise community safety and well-being.

In conclusion, I believe we need a balanced approach that tackles both systemic issues contributing to homelessness and the need for accountability. This isn’t about removing rights or opportunities but ensuring that public spaces remain safe and accessible for all.

Thank you for sparking this important discussion, Aurrita . I hope we can continue this dialogue constructively on these complex issues.

Joe Vagnone

—Joe Vagnone

Vagnone is a business broker based in Cornelius