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What’s the Nap Quotient of your chofa?

The Mother of Dragons (and I, but mostly her) recently purchased a leather sectional. It’s a very nice sectional. Expensive sectional. But it’s durable and should last a long time. Keep in mind it would have to last two generations to be worth what we paid for it but I’m working on voicing my opinions […]


Modern Dad: Proust Questionnaire

Twice a year my mom brings over an old copy of Vanity Fair for my wife, who puts it on the back of a toilet where it sits for three months until my mom brings over a newer issue. The pages are filled with stories and pictures of celebrities and society types I’ve never heard […]


New Year’s Resolutions: I’m not bashful, I’ll make them for you

By Jon Show. Ah, it’s the New Year. A time of renewal. A time to put the successes and failures of the past year behind us and start anew. A spiritual rebirth, if you will. Except that I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. The whole wait until January 1 thing to address your glaring […]


At this special time of year we are thankful for eye rolls

By Jon Show.  At some point in the last 20 years my family started this tradition where we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for, and it produces the most predictable responses year in and year out. The Mother of Dragons will say something about the kids and old people. My mom […]

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Modern Dad: These are a few of my favorite drinks

By Jon Show. I’m constantly telling my kids to drink water because … I don’t know. Hydration is important? Twelve glasses of water a day just seems excessive. I’m not questioning science but I’m fairly certain I had 12 glasses of water my entire childhood and here I am. Still alive. I think my problem […]

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It takes planning and thought to be a MODERN dad

By Jon Show. This summer I realized I’ve officially morphed into a Dad. Not a parent, mind you. I’ve been one of those since Future Man was born. Being a Dad goes beyond just raising a child. It’s a lifestyle. An adherence to a set of guiding principles and behaviors that has been passed down […]


I Smell Trouble

I don’t like things that smell like something else and I don’t like things that smell too powerful. Allow me to elaborate. When I was a child I had a paper route and one of the stops was 44 Meetinghouse Road, which was a home inhabited by the Trayser family. Inside their home, which I […]


At least the Roomba didn’t switch on

Our beloved dog Lightning turns one this month. I think I’m probably the only member of my family who would use the word beloved to describe her but whatever. She’s always happy to see me and never asks me to do anything other than play fetch so she’s basically perfect. Lightning came to us in […]


Being bored wears me out

This past winter, on a wet and cool Saturday afternoon, my kids and wife were off doing their own thing. It was winter so there wasn’t any house or yard work to do. It was after football season and before March Madness so there wasn’t anything to watch on TV. For the first time since […]


As Father’s Day approaches, be sure you hug your mom

By Jon Show. This Father’s Day marks my 11th year as a parent, which means I’ve been raising animals for almost a quarter of my life. I mean children. Raising children. I know sometimes I’m a lousy role model but I try to make up for it by explaining the important things I want my […]