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Limited supply of formula at Publix Magnolia Plaza

Infant formula shortage hits locally

May 13. Stores across the country are running low on baby formula, Cornelius included. A survey of three grocers this morning showed dwindling supplies. Datasembly, a research firm, said the out-of-stock rate is more than 40 percent, which means many parents are having to hunt for formula. Harris Teeter Jetton has very limited supplies of […]

No gas at Exxon at 8 am Thursday

Gas: With pipeline restart, ‘normal’ will return

May 13. By now it seems everyone has gotten gas, even people with Teslas. How soon the act of purchasing gasoline can get back to normal could take some time, according to oil industry analyst Tom Kloza. (We interviewed him for a story Wednesday in Business Today.) Station outages will peak today and tomorrow, the […]