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Infant formula shortage hits locally

Limited supply of formula at Publix Magnolia Plaza

May 13. Stores across the country are running low on baby formula, Cornelius included. A survey of three grocers this morning showed dwindling supplies. Datasembly, a research firm, said the out-of-stock rate is more than 40 percent, which means many parents are having to hunt for formula.

Harris Teeter Jetton has very limited supplies of baby formula on the shelves and is getting calls from mothers about what brands are available.

Infant formula supply limited at Harris Teeter/Jetton

If it’s not a popular brand, there’s a better chance it’ll be on the shelves. For now, there’s no limit on the quantity you can buy if it’s on the shelves.

More shipments?

There is no supply at the Harris Teeter warehouse as of Friday, so there won’t be any shipments right away.

Publix and Food Lion also have limited availability.

Worsening trend

Datasembly, a leading provider of real-time product pricing and data for retailers, said baby formula out-of-stock rates nationally continue to rise, well past April’s 31 percent rate, to more than 43 percent as of early this week.

They said baby formula stock was relatively stable for the first half of 2021, but climbed to 23 percent in January this year.

“Hyperlocal data indicates they will continue to worsen,” Datasembly said.