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The tax man cometh: New rates, higher values mean larger tax bills

June 5. By Dave Yochum. Our new property tax bills, based on rising property valuations and proposed tax rates that are above revenue neutral, will, generally speaking rise about 11.9 percent, with 9.3 percent attributable to Mecklenburg County and 2.6 percent attributable to the Town of Cornelius. Nearly three-quarters – 73 percent – of a total […]

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New budget proposal: Town manager pitches .1731 tax rate on much higher valuations

May 16. By Dave Yochum. Town Manager Andrew Grant has proposed a $31.796 million municipal budget, down from the current year’s $33.155 million spending package. The proposal for the 2023-2024 fiscal year includes $4.8 million in American Rescue Plan funds. A public hearing on the proposed spending plan was held last night during which two […]

Town Board meeting tonight

May 15. Town Manager Andrew Grant will unveil his proposed budget which is expected to call for a new tax rate a penny above revenue neutral, down from 2 cents in the first public draft. There will be a public hearing as well. Also on the agenda tonight is a resolution of intent to amend […]

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On Monday, Cornelius will move one step closer to a new tax rate

May 12. By Dave Vieser. It doesn’t appear that Cornelius commissioners will be under any neighborhood pressure to adopt a revenue neutral budget. Town managers in both Davidson and Huntersville have proposed tax rates which are above revenue neutral. What is revenue neutral? Revenue neutral is when a taxing jurisdiction budgets the exact same amount […]

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County Property Tax Resource Fair is Saturday; Monday is last day to file informal appeal

April 13. By Dave Yochum. Mecklenburg County is hosting another Property Tax Resource Fair on Saturday for any resident needing information or assistance related to the revaluation. This coming Monday, April 17, is the last day to request an Informal Review, and June 9 is the final day to file a Formal Appeal. Despite strong […]

Budget discussions include spending on local roads

Town manager proposes budget 2 cents above revenue neutral

April 5. By Dave Yochum. While general fund expenditures would arguably fall—due to one-time ARPA funds that were placed into reserve accounts during FY23—chances of a revenue-neutral town budget in FY24 may be in doubt. In fact, Town Manager Andrew Grant is recommending a budget that would be 2 cents above revenue neutral, or 18.3 […]

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Town gets down to brass tacks during budget retreat this week

April 3. By Dave Yochum.  The mayor, members of the Town Board and some staff members will attend a budget workshop Wednesday and Thursday at the Holiday Inn Center City in Charlotte to discuss the 2023-24 municipal budget. Like almost anyone doing a budget, the needs and wants can be greater than income. Wants and […]

Revaluations: Get ready for it

New property valuations show wide range of increases

March 17. By Dave Yochum. Mecklenburg residents can check their mailbox or look online for 2023 property revaluation notice. It could be a shocker. Some of the Cornelius addresses we checked randomly this morning showed increases in assessments of more than 150 percent. Out of 10 we checked, however, five showed increases of 60 percent […]

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Brace yourself: New property valuations come out March 17

March 14. By Dave Vieser. Looking to celebrate St Patricks Day in a special way? How about learning the new value of your property according to the county! March 17 is indeed the day new revaluation notices will be mailed to all owners of property in Mecklenburg County. What’s it all about? Revaluation is the […]

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Budget season begins

Feb. 13. By Dave Yochum. A Town Board budget planning meeting held last week in the new Cain Center board room with the mayor, commissioners and department heads surfaced a wide range of pressing needs, all in the context of budget limitations and the possibility of a recession. Come budget season, the town faces capital […]