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Budget time begins: Share your thoughts on how the Town spends money

Photo by Jason Benavides

Dec. 11. By Dave Vieser. The annual Citizen Budget Survey has begun, during which the Town of Cornelius asks residents to take a few minutes to outline their preferences and priorities for the Fiscal Year 2025 budget. The new budget will cover the 12 months beginning July 1, 2024, and ending June 30, 2025.

There are already about 200 responses, according to Town Manager Andrew Grant. The results help develop a budget that is responsive to the needs and preferences of the community.

The town budget is responsible for funding town operational and capital projects throughout the fiscal year.

Operational costs are those that recur annually, such as salaries and recreational programs. Capital projects are large expenditures that may not recur annually, such as building a road.

Property owners in Cornelius support the budget with their tax dollars. Generally, the town tax comprises about a third of the total property tax bill, with the remainder being county taxes.

To access the survey, click here.

The survey will remain open through the end of February, 2024.