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Pho NC will re-open Wednesday, March 8. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner.

When does Pho NC reopen? Supplies are missing ingredient

Jan. 24. By TL Bernthal. Pho NC in Peninsula Village has a new re-opening soon sign, but the exact date is still up in air. Josie Pais, who considers owner  Nguyen “Cindy” Trang family, said there’s not a definite date because products need to be replaced.  Although orders have been placed, the goods haven’t arrived […]

Restaurant Pho NC in Cornelius destroyed by an electrical fire Aug. 2 was the sole income for single mom Nguyen  “Cindy” Trang.    Photo courtesy Louie and Josie Pais

GoFundMe page set up for owner of restaurant damaged by fire

Sept. 16. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the owner of restaurant Pho NC in Peninsula Village, which was damaged by an electrical fire Aug. 2. The restaurant was the sole source of income for the Trang family: Nguyen  “Cindy” Trang, 54, a single mom  and her 16-year-old son Stevenson. They live […]