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Modern Dad fishing 2023

Live like you never know what’s next

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Oct. 6. You don’t really get to have adventures as an adult. I don’t mean adult adventures like traveling to another country or eating weird food. I mean like Tom Sawyer adventures. The kind of adventures where you never know what’s next. When you’re an adult, there’s no grabbing […]


Why play sports at my age?

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Dec. 31. Every once in a while my mom asks me why I still play in a soccer league and I never have a good answer. It has nothing to do with exercise. I can do that at the gym and not deal with aching hips and a sore […]


You’re new around here. I’ll go easy on you.

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Aug. 5. [Humor] Welcome to North Carolina, new people. It seems like we’ve gained a lot of you over the last couple years. I can tell there are more of you here now because I hear more horns in traffic. To those of you honking, please stop. You’re in […]

modern dad tech

The mere sight of a mobile device may diminish your cognitive resources

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Sept. 10. I detest mobile devices in all forms. iPhones. iPads. iPods. Whatever you call devices that aren’t made by Apple. Samsungs? If you handed me a Samsung phone I would interact with it in the same manner as if it was handed to a caveman. The first cell […]

Swimmer Final Modern Dad

Reflections on a long, hot summer, with and without kids

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show The Mother of Dragons and I sat at the neighborhood pool on a Sunday last month for four hours with no children. I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened but I’m pretty sure it was the end of the second Bush administration. Where were our kids? I […]

Wedding anniversary Waist up

Surprise, Modern Dad forgot his wedding anniversary

But this makes up for it   MODERN DAD | By Jon Show It took me 16 years to forget my wedding anniversary. I don’t mean forget, as in I forgot until a day or two before and scrambled at the last minute. I mean I straight up forgot. I awoke last month on the […]

Modern D fathers day

109,500 Dad Hours, but who’s counting?

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show June 7. This year marks my 13th Father’s Day as a dad, which means I’ve spent almost a third of my life being a father. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Outliers,” examined the idea that a person needs 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. By […]