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Town Board calls time-out on some new projects

Dec. 21. By Dave Yochum. The Town Board voted 5-0 Monday night for a resolution calling for a time-out on multi-family projects and development of land set aside for rural preservation. Additionally, the resolution, which states that traffic congestion in Cornelius is “overwhelming and critical,” calls for a prompt review and revision of the town’s […]

Planning Board, Town Board will hold a joint meeting March 18

March 10. By Dave Vieser. A special joint meeting between the Cornelius Town Board and the Planning Board has been scheduled for Thursday March 18 beginning at 5 pm. at Town Hall. The meeting purpose is to coordinate a review of the towns land use plan. Deputy Town Manager Wayne Herron announced the meeting this […]


Planning a town: Fast growth means revisiting 2015 plan

Sept. 17. By Dave Vieser. When the Cornelius Town Board was holding public hearings concerning the controversial Townhomes at Washam Potts development, members of the community as well as current and former Commissioners noted that the town’s land use plan needed an update. They are all about to get their wish. A Land Use Plan […]