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Still missing Madalina: Tomorrow marks 3 months

Madalina Cojocari

Feb. 20. By Dave Yochum. The search for 11-year-old Madalina Cojocari, who was last seen publicly on Nov. 21, continues unabated. As the three-month mark approaches tomorrow, Cornelius Police hold out hope that she may still be found alive.

In an interview with Cornelius Today, Chief of Police David Baucom said “the investigation is still on-going and any information the public can provide would be helpful.

WCNC reported the house in Victoria Bay was searched last week.

Question: We noticed a comment on Facebook saying you are looking for Madalina, not a body. Can you comment?

Chief Baucom: “Our goal from the start has been to find Madalina.”

Madalina is 11 years old and loves ice cream


Q: Are the FBI and SBI still coming to Cornelius on a regular basis?

Chief Baucom: “The SBI comes here on a regular basis and the FBI is here as needed.”

Q: Is there an investigation where the step-father traveled in Michigan?

Chief Baucom: “There is not an investigation in Michigan that I am aware of.”


Q: Any domestic calls to the Cojocari house in Victoria Bay?

Chief Baucom: “I checked our call history and there have been no prior calls for service of that type.”


Q: Have you interviewed the birth father?

Chief Baucom: My understanding is that her birth father is in Moldova and I am not aware if he has been located.


Cornelius Police, the State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI have logged countless hours in the quest to find the Bailey Middle sixth-grader. Her mother and step-father, Diana Cojocari and Christopher Palmiter, remain in custody with bail set at $250,000 and $200,000 respectively.

Nov. 21: CMS video shows Madalina getting off a school bus in Victoria Bay.

Nov. 23: Date that Diana Cojocari says she last saw Madalina, at 2200 hours. Mother, stepfather also argue.

Nov. 24: Date Palmiter says he drove to Michigan to “pick up items.”

Dec. 15: Mother, step-father report Madalina missing

Dec. 17: Mother, step-father arrested.

Cojocari and Palmiter are due back in court on March 2.

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