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New COVID-19 cases still climbing, perhaps more slowly

Using Johns Hopkins University’s data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day from May 16 through June 15 in NC. While it appears that the numbers of contraction are on the rise, it is important to note that anomalies may occur in NC data reporting and testing. The state’s average number of new daily cases since May 16 is 891 and its median is 884. The past seven-day average and median are significantly higher, at 1,228 and 1,246, respectively. The increasing 7-day aggregates indicate both an upward trend in confirmed cases and more accessibility to testing. On June 15, Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering reported 850 cases.

June 16. By Dave Yochum. It looks like there’s another, smaller increase in new coronavirus cases statewide, according to NC Dept. of Health & Human Services data. North Carolina recorded 751 new cases of COVID-19, down from 983 new cases reported yesterday.

It makes for a total of 45,853 cases, but the two increases are smaller than increases reported last week. They could suggest a change from last week when North Carolina made national news for daily spikes in excess of 1,000. On Friday there were 1,768 new cases and on Sunday there were 1,443 new cases.

Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins data shows the median number of new cases during the past week is 1,246, 41 percent above the previous 31-day median of 884 new cases per day.

On June 1, we reported Johns Hopkins statewide showing the median number of new cases during the previous seven days was 884, up 62 percent from the preceding 31 day median of 543.

It could indicate a leveling off of last week’s dramatic increases. That said, trends aren’t clear after two days, or even a week.

Where is Phase 3?

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said he will announce early next week whether businesses still shuttered because of COVID-19 will be allowed to reopen.

Under Cooper’s current order, restaurants can offer dine-in seating, and barber shops and hair and nail salons are open – but all at reduced capacity. Bars, movie theaters, bowling alleys and gyms remain closed.

Cooper has to decide whether to extend the order, which expires June 26, or modify it in some way. He and Secretary of Health Dr. Mandy Cohen are considering whether face masks may be required.

Deaths rise, but lag

Deaths, however, continue to rise. They reflect the end of the coronavirus cycle, which runs from exposure to contraction to potential hospitalization to, possibly, death. The NCDHHS today reported 36 new deaths for a total of 1,154 who have died due to COVID-19.

On May 15 there were a total of 641 deaths in North Carolina due to COVID-19.

Mecklenburg County added 147 new cases from the previous day, the state Department of Health and Human Services reported.

There were also five new COVID-19 deaths, for a total of 129 county-wide. There were 63 deaths as of May 18 in Mecklenburg County.

Demographics data show the vast majority of deaths occur among adults 65 and older.

older, with 11 among those ages 40 to 59. Health officials say in all but two cases, people who died from coronavirus in Mecklenburg had an underlying chronic illness.

Statewide, DHHS reported 36 new coronavirus deaths, for a total of 1,154 as of noon today. The number of people hospitalized in North Carolina reached a new high: 829 as of noon.

Mecklenburg median cases

For a more regional context, Mecklenburg has had a 7-day running average accounting for 17.96 percent of the state-wide cases per day. It is unlikely Mecklenburg has had days with zero new cases in the past week and month, as the chart suggests, but actually anomalies in testing and reporting. Due to the zero-case days, the county probably accounts for a higher percentage of state-wide cases than reported in the 17.96 percentage. This is especially apparent as Cornelius Today notices significant dips in North Carolina’s daily new cases which coincide with the same days Mecklenburg reported zero cases