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Missing Madalina: ‘Our goal is to find her’

Madalina’s 12th birthday wasn’t a celebration. Her house is in the background

April 12. By Dave Yochum. The occasion was Madalina’s 12th birthday but it was a sad one because the Cornelius girl has not been seen since November.

Cornelius Police, led by Chief David Baucom, utilized her birthday to continue to keep Madalina Cojocari front and center in hopes that there will be new information that will help find her.

New tips are indeed coming in and yesterday Baucom said he still has hopes of finding her.

The story of her disappearance makes little sense to anyone but her mother and stepfather who have been jailed since mid-December, some three weeks after Madalina was last seen getting off her school bus in Victoria Bay Nov. 23. They waited all that time to report her missing.

Charlotte TV stations covered the event

Just over three months into the job,  Chief Baucom led a media briefing late Tuesday afternoon prior to a muted gathering of about 60 people.

Q: Have Madalina’s parents spoken at all about their daughter’s disappearance?

A: We interviewed both parents before they were arrested but cannot disclose details of those interviews.

Q: Is there any indication that she may have been transported outside the U.S.?

Madalina Cojocari

A: We are not ruling anything out.

Q: Was there anything suspicious found in or outside Madalina’s home?

A: We won’t comment on anything that we seized from in or outside her home.

Q: Where does the investigation stand and what’s being done today to bring this girl home?

A: We are doing everything we can to find Madalina.

Q: What was found at the Cojocari residence in the various searches with the DA’s office?

A: We cannot comment on any items that were taken from inside or outside of the home.

Q: How many other law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation? Are they all domestic or international?

A: The FBI and NCSBI have been the primary agencies who have assisted us with this investigation.

Q: Are any additional resources needed?

A: Between those two agencies and our agency we have all of the resources needed at this time.

Q: Is there anything the public can do to help?

Missing Madalina: Last independent sighting Nov. 21 on CMS bus

A: Continue sharing her picture and posts the Police Department puts out to the public.

Q: Have the mother and stepfather been forthcoming/cooperative with the investigation? Are any further charges for Diana Cojocari or Christopher Palmiter pending?

A: We cannot comment on details of our investigation regarding the parents.

Q: What was the connection in Madison County NC? Was anything found?

A: We cannot comment on anything pertaining to Madison County.

Q: Have the extended relatives said anything more or sent any additional messages to the community? Are they being considered for any crimes?

A: This is an ongoing case and we cannot comment on specifics of our investigation

Q: There were reports of burning furniture in the Cojocari backyard before Madalina’s disappearance. Is there evidence of that having happened?

A: There was a call for service in reference to Diana Cojocari burning items.

Q: Do you believe Madalina is still alive? If yes, where do you believe she could be? Who do you think she could be with? If no, what do you think happened to her?

A: Our goal is to find Madalina

Q: Do you believe Madalina could have been trafficked? Do you think it’s possible her mother and step father could be responsible for that?

A: This is an ongoing case and we cannot comment on specifics of our investigation

Q: Can you confirm if Christopher Palmiter traveled to Michigan during the window of Madalina’s disappearance? What do you believe he did there, and what would be the significance of that trip as it relates to this investigation?

A: This is an ongoing case and we cannot comment on specifics of our investigation

FBI poster for Madalina