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Jetton Extension set for $3 million upgrade

Nov. 23. By Dave Vieser. The Town Board is maintaining a steady speed on plans for a $3 million upgrade on the Jetton Road Extension due to design flaws and the condition of the road.

The board has authorized a new traffic study that could result in additional improvements that would be bid and constructed separately from the current project.

Town staff estimated that the cost of additional improvements could be as much as $4 million and would have to come solely from town funds. “$4 million is not chump change,” said Mayor Woody Washam. “This kind of gives me heartburn.”

Photo by Jason Benavides

One suggestion which arose during the Nov. 19 meeting was to remove the bump outs at the corners which are considered unsafe by today’s design standards. Tyler Beardsley, assistant town manager, said if they are removed, other parts of the pavement will have to be patched.

“Frankly that road is about to fall apart,” Beardsley said.

Improvements would extend on Sefton Park all the way to Liverpool.

One of the goals for doing additional work on Jetton Road Extension was to siphon more motorists off West Catawba Avenue. However, that argument didn’t seem to impress the commissioners.

So, as it stands now, the $3 million project will begin in 2024, with a public information meeting later this year.


2 Responses to “Jetton Extension set for $3 million upgrade”

  1. What really needs to be done is to widen Catawba at least north of Westmoreland as well as Westmoreland at least a few blocks from Catawba and from Statesville road so traffic can move.

    Posted by John Pascucci | November 23, 2022, 2:02 pm
  2. I agree with the comment from John The bottle neck is a continuous problem and a safety issue for residence, attempting to come out of Westmoreland, Development, or Harborside; Catawba should be four lanes the entire length, but the downtown development has sealed that will never occur because of the proximity of the Cain Center to the road.
    And if you are going to put in an apartment development of an additional 263 apartments, with inadequate parking , how do yo propose that is going to work efficiently?

    Posted by Michael R Youron | November 26, 2022, 11:35 am

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