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Jetton Extension/Sefton Park: Community meeting Dec. 14

Jetton Road Extension/Sefton Park due for improvements

Dec. 9. By Dave Vieser. An informational meeting on the $3 million upgrade planned for Jetton Road extension will take place Dec. 14 at 6 pm in the Community Room at Town Hall.


Many motorists use Jetton Road extension and Sefton Park as an alternative to West Catawba.  However, the narrow two-lane road has numerous curves, parking bump-outs and limited sight distance.  In addition, the pavement is not in good condition.

Unlike most of the major road improvements scheduled for Cornelius, this one is a town project, not dependent upon the NC Dept. of Transportation. The town has allocated $3 million to improve the road.

The alternative

Town commissioners were asked by staff if they would prefer delaying the project for a more detailed study, and possibly a more expensive project. Aware of the current congestion issues, the board decided to proceed with the $3 million project now.