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Sefton Park gets thumbs up from Town Board

Sefton Park overview: The CATS property is just to the right of center

Sept. 21. By Dave Vieser. UPDATED. The Cornelius Town Board unanimously approved rezoning for the Sefton Park mixed-use development—complete with a hotel, conference center and apartments—at last night’s meeting.

New: Before the board vote, former commissioner Dave Gilroy had some words of warning: “While I support much of this proposal, the dense residential component of this project is unnecessary. The job of this board is not to say yes to everything. What we need is balance and moderation.” Gilroy is running for his old seat on the town board, having lost his bid for re-election in 2019.

A new hotel

South Carolina-based Shaw Resources plans to build 344 multi-family units and a hotel with a conference center on 10 acres of property that has been a vacant eyesore for years. The project, which also includes commercial space, is opposite the CATS station on Sefton Park, just beyond Jetton Road Extension.

Transit and apartments

Development principals Jack Shaw and Don Shaw hope the CATS station will be a natural draw for commuters traveling into Charlotte. The property was stubbed in years ago with streets that are now overgrown and in disrepair.

“The apartments here will be walkable, bike-able, to town,” said developer Michael Johnson, speaking for Shaw. “As for transit, if we give people passes in the apartments, they will use them. I foresee that we can really stimulate usage of CATS.”

Johnson also pledged to provide some units at reduced rates for town workers.


An additional vacant lot, located on the southeast corner of Sefton Park and One Norman Boulevard, adjacent to the CATS park and ride lot. The proposed development includes 7,800 square feet of commercial space.

Road improvements

The approval requires the developer to make several improvements to area roads, including an extension of the westbound left turn lane along Jetton Road to provide a minimum of 100 feet storage and extending the northbound shared lane for through and right turns at West Catawba and One Norman to a minimum of 100 feet.

With Monday’s action, the town will have approved rezoning for 1,435 new residential units in Cornelius since the beginning of the year.

Baileys Glen—16 single family homes
Mayes Meadows—160 single family homes
Junker Drive—195 multi family units
The Venue—70 apartments
Greenway Gartens—360 units including multi family and townhomes.
Caroline—290 multi family units (Updated)
Sefton Park—344 multi family units