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Day-by-day COVID-19 battle continues, with updated stats for NC and Mecklenburg

Using Johns Hopkins’ data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of NC new confirmed COVID-19 from July 21 through Aug. 20. The state’s median number of cases since July 21 is 1,534. The state’s median over the past 7 days is lower at 1,473.

Aug. 24. By Dave Yochum. The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services today reported 1,283 new cases of the coronavirus statewide, down from 1,472 new cases Sunday and 1,729 new cases on Saturday. Friday’s total of 2,008 new cases was the highest in August.

Put a different way, the total of 1,283 is 251 below the median number of daily new cases during the past month, based on data reported by Johns Hopkins University.

During the past week, the median number of new daily cases statewide per day is 1,473, vs. a daily median of 1,534 during the past month, a difference of 4 percent. The differential, which can indicate trends, was around 27 percent a week ago.

In Mecklenburg County, there are still signs the spread of the coronavirus is under control. The difference in the two medians—a week’s worth of new cases vs. a month’s worth of new cases—is 154 vs. 187, a difference of 17.6 percent.

To review the Johns Hopkins US map of the COVID-19 outbreak, including county by county data nationwide, click here.


Total statewide hospitalizations meanwhile rose by 50, having fallen by 98 on Sunday, and by 19 on Saturday. Based on today’s NCDHHS report, there are now 948 people hospitalized statewide due to COVID-19, vs. 1,182 on July 24. Patients presumed to be recovered—136,630 as of last week—will be updated late this afternoon.


There were only four new deaths statewide in today’s coronavirus report, down from 10 new deaths Sunday. The total since tracking began in March is now 2,535 statewide.

Total US deaths were approaching 177,000 as of noon today, worldwide, 809,834 deaths due to the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins.

NC testing

Testing is climbing past the 2 million mark on Thursday last weeks, with positive tests coming back at the rate of 7.3 percent in today’s report, down from 8 percent late last week.

NC Secretary of Health Dr. Mandy Cohen said a positive test rate trending downward from 5 percent is the goal from a statewide perspective.


Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, the median number of daily new cases in Mecklenburg County’s over the past week is down 17.6 percent compared to the median number of daily new cases during the past month. (Chart above.)

The actual numbers, culled from Johns Hopkins University’s tracking system, are 187 median daily new cases over the past month vs. a median of 154 per day during the past week.

NCDHHS today reported 140 new cases in Mecklenburg—down from151 new cases yesterday—for a total of 24,260 since the outbreak began. Positive tests are running at 6 percent in Mecklenburg.

Using data from Johns Hopkins, Mecklenburg accounts for 10 percent of the state’s new confirmed cases per day (7-day analysis). The proportion is down considerably from 16 percent one month ago, and in line with Mecklenburg’s share of the state population.

North Meck

Cornelius: No new cases, total 405 (313 one month ago). 16 deaths total, none new in more than a month

Davidson: No new cases, total 233 (158 one month ago). 5 deaths total, none new this month

Huntersville: 6 new cases, 757 total (492 one month ago). 10 deaths total, none new since Aug. 11