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Atrium receives first batch of Moderna vaccine

Dec. 21. Atrium Health has received the first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, with Atrium Health Stanly, Atrium Health Kings Mountain and Atrium Health Anson set to administer the first of two doses. The main difference in the Moderna vaccine vs. the Pfizer vaccine is that the former is able to be kept in […]

Using Johns Hopkins' data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of NC new confirmed COVID-19 from July 21 through Aug. 20. The state's median number of cases since July 21 is 1,534. The state's median over the past 7 days is lower at 1,473.

Day-by-day COVID-19 battle continues, with updated stats for NC and Mecklenburg

Aug. 24. By Dave Yochum. The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services today reported 1,283 new cases of the coronavirus statewide, down from 1,472 new cases Sunday and 1,729 new cases on Saturday. Friday’s total of 2,008 new cases was the highest in August. Put a different way, the total of 1,283 is 251 […]