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Work to begin soon on tenant house, but commercial project delayed

Alexander Farm tenant house | Photo by Patrick Parente

Jan. 26. By Dave Vieser and Dave Yochum. There’s some good news and bad news regarding the ongoing construction at Alexander Farm, according to Jesse McInerney of Win Development, the Florida-based developer.

First the bad news: “Due to some unfortunate delays we are likely not going to see buildings coming out of the ground in the retail section until later this year.” This would represent approximately a one-year delay in that portion of the development, which will ultimately house a Lidl grocery store along with Jeremiah’s Ice, Papa John’s Pizza and several other yet to be named retailers and offices. Expect a 2023 opening of the first buildings in this area.

The good news: Despite an unusually wet winter, work continues on the extensive mass grading of the property. That’s the work which has been visible to motorists on Westmoreland Road for a number of months and it’s just about finished.

“The Master Construction Documents are just about to be approved and that will release our contractor on the next steps with the development of this site,” McInerney added.

Active adult facility

After reviewing the River Rock team’s architectural rendering for the active adult facility McInerney said they are impressive. “I think the community is going to be very pleased with the overall outcome as this comes together.”

Tenant House update

“We finally received an approval from Lidl on the location of the Tenant House ” said McInerny “so we can start the foundation and finally get the house off the dollies asap.” He estimates that the Tenant House should be on its new foundation in the next 60 days.

The Alexander Farm tenant house was moved to the corner of Westmoreland and West Catawba last summer.

The historic structure was jacked up, placed on a trailer and towed away from its original site at W. Catawba adjacent to the Harborside townhomes.

The tenant structure is significant because so few are left in a once-agricultural county where sharecropping was commonplace.

Win Development is responsible for the restoration of the dwelling. “The sole responsibility for restoring the house rests with them,” said Dan Morrill, of Preserve Mecklenburg Inc., the organization largely responsible for saving the structure.

The $110-million mixed-use development includes plans for a Lidl grocery store, a Papa John’s Pizza, commercial space, 70 single-family homes and a 145-unit active adult complex. The previous schedule had called for some stores to possibly open in the fall of 2023.