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Watch out for costly irrigation systems as Spectrum’s big dig continues

Michael Green with a sprinkler head on Peninsula Club

March 8. By Dave Vieser. Damage by contractors hired by Spectrum has now spread to lawn sprinkler systems. Michael Green, who lives on Peninsula Club Drive, had several sprinkler heads broken by crews from MAS TEC, a Mooresville company hired to help install some 140 miles of new underground cable.

“I understand this can be a challenging task for them but we’ve worked hard to make our yard look good and without the sprinklers until spring, but we may lose the lawn,” Green said.

An area manager from MAS TEC said they will fix his sprinklers as soon as possible.

Last week wastewater lines on Peninsula Club and Mainsail Pointe were damaged, resulting in more than 200 gallons of sewage reaching Lake Norman.

More careful in the future

The company promises to be more careful as the project continues.


Residents are commenting on Cornelius Today’s previous stories:

—”Maybe Spectrum isn’t a company I want in my home or community,” said Valerie Smithers.

—”I’m staying with AT&T UVERSE, refuse to subscribe to Spectrum…bush league contractors hired on the cheap to do their dirty work. Amateurs,” said Jeffrey W. Shaw.

—”Are there fines for sewage spills into Lake Norman?” asked Jan Cameron.

—”In the Westmoreland Community they have broken gas lines, water lines, irrigation lines and other providers underground lines, with no repercussions, they are not responsive to anyone’s complaints and neither then town or then HOA’s appear to have any recourse or willingness to take any kind of stand. What are we paying or voting people into offices for if they do not take action when it is actually needed? Which ever company Spectrum has hired is running rampant over our entire town,” said Michael Youron.