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Spectrum cable dig results in 2 sewage spills in Peninsula


Spectrum sub-contractors caused spills

March 7. By Dave Vieser. Spectrum Cable subcontractors were responsible for two wastewater line breaks in The Peninsula last week that sent 200 gallons of sewage into Lake Norman.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused,” spokesman Pat Paterno said, explaining that a subcontractor installing cable damaged the pipes. “As soon as we discovered the damage, we notified Charlotte Water.”

Charlotte Water spokesman Cam Coley said low pressure sewer system lines were damaged.

Digging on Peninsula Club

A total of 204 gallons of wastewater reached Lake Norman in two separate incidents near Pensinsula Club Drive and Mainsail Pointe Drive. The spill on Mainsail involved an estimated 84 gallons that reached Lake Norman. Coley said 120 gallons of sewage reached the lake after the Peninsula Club Drive incident a day later.

“Most homes along the lakes are served by low pressure sewer systems and the pipe network conveys waste to a gravity fed sewer pipe that flows to a wastewater treatment plant,” said Coley.

In February Spectrum had pledged to be more careful after a series of complaints while their crews were installing cable in Magnolia Estates as well as the Westmoreland Road area.

More than 140 miles of local roads will be dug up. Town officials said cable companies can dig in rights of way with virtually no restrictions.