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Wastewater spill on Belle Isle

Belle Isle spill occurred near John Connor

Oct. 26. Charlotte Water crews responded to a wastewater spill near 17311 Belle Isle Drive yesterday. An estimated 93 gallons reached Lake Norman out of 370 gallons that spilled.

What happened

A cement truck accidentally damaged a low pressure pipe causing the overflow.

Crews were able to vacuum most of it and return it to the pipe network for treatment.


Most homes along the lakes are served by low pressure sewer systems that convey waste to a gravity fed sewer to our wastewater treatment plants.

This incident happened on Belle Isle, a few hundred feet southwest of the intersection with John Connor.

There have been a half-dozen sewage spills into Cornelius waters this year.


520 gallons on Davidson Street in February

84 gallons on Mainsail in March

120 gallons on Peninsula Club in March

630 gallons on Spinnakers Reach in April

600 gallons on Meta in June

515 gallons on Holiday Lane in July

93 gallons on Belle Isle in October

Suspect a sewage spill? Call 311 or 704-336-7600.