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Lyngbya in lake adjacent to the 18th hole at The Peninsula Club

$60,000 needed to battle Lyngbya in early stages on Lake Norman

Jan. 31. By Dave Yochum. Funding for the battle against Lyngbya must be in place by April 1 to stem the fast-rising tide of noxious blue-green algae in Lake Norman, local officials and concerned citizens say. From 2022 to 2023 Lyngbya doubled in Lake Norman, with dense mats—sometimes called sludge—evident in coves around Cornelius, more […]

Lyngbya covering a cove

Lyngbya meeting tonight will address concerns about noxious algae

Jan. 30. By Dave Yochum. The lyngbya cyanobhacteria problem in Lake Norman is not going away, according to health and water quality officials. It has also invaded High Rock Lake and Lake Gaston, where officials are trying to manage if not eradicate the “filamentous cyanobacteria” that forms large nuisance growths on the lake bottom. Thing […]

Lyngbya in lake adjacent to the 18th hole at The Peninsula Club

Those dense, smelly mats on the lake are called ‘lyngbya’

Sept. 26. The algae that has formed a dense mat in coves on the Ramsey Creek side of Lake Norman is known as Lyngbya wollei. “To date, there has been no evidence or reports of any detrimental human or animal health effects caused by Lyngbya. It is very unsightly and can form large, dense mats […]

Meeting Sept. 26 will address lake weed and algae growth

Sept. 25. A variety of lake-related officials and interested parties will meet Tuesday Sept. 26 at 2 pm at The Peninsula Club to discuss an outbreak of algae and grassy weeds affecting some coves in Lake Norman. Attendees include a representative from US Sen. Thom Tillis’ office as well as officials from Duke Energy and […]

Photo: Carolina Raptor Center

Vultures: Not as foul as you might think

Aug. 30. This may be too awesome to turn down: The Carolina Raptor Center will have a carcass feeding at 2 pm Saturday, which is International Vulture Awareness Day. In honor of vultures’ bald heads, anyone who is bald will get in free. Here’s what the day looks like: 10:30 am: 30-minute presentation by a […]

Brandon Jones | Photo: Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation

Catawba Riverkeeper: LKN water quality is ‘excellent’

  Aug. 24. By Dave Yochum. Over the past three years there have been more than a dozen sewage spills in and around Cornelius into the waters of Lake Norman, a most regrettable series of events that caused plenty of negativity on various Facebook pages, but no long-term efffect, according to Catawba Riverkeeper Brandon Jones. […]

No Swim advisory near Blue Stone Harbor has been lifted

Aug. 16. The No Swim advisory for part of the lake between Blue Stone Harbor and Hello Sailor has been lifted after a week’s time. The advisory was issued Aug. 8, after a sewage spill into Lake Norman. The cause was a power outage at a private lift station located at 21328 Nautique Blvd. According […]

Cove near Hello Sailor

Another sewage spill in LKN at Nautique Boulevard

Aug. 8. [Updated] A No Swim Advisory was issued after a sewage spill into Lake Norman due to a power outage at a private lift station located at 21328 Nautique Blvd. in Cornelius. It’s the second spill at this address in less than three months. Repairs are under way. NEW: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services says the […]

No Swim Advisory lifted for cove adjacent to Jetton Park

July 10. The No Swim Advisory issued on July 5 for a cove next to Jetton Park has been lifted. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Service blamed a pipe failure for causing the overflow. The pipe has been repaired, and water tests indicate the spill has dissipated. The 875 gallon spill was the third such incident in […]


Sewage spill in cove adjacent to Jetton Park

July 5. There’s been another sewage spill in Lake Norman, this time in a cove between Jetton Park and Halyard Pointe/Double Eagle in The Peninsula. A pipe failure on July 4 caused the overflow, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSW). It’s the third spill in five weeks in Cornelius waters. The new spill is […]