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Wastewater spill on Belle Isle near John Connor

Sewage spill on Belle Isle near the end of John Connor

Jan. 12. Charlotte Water crews responded to a wastewater overflow in the 17300 block of Belle Isle Drive last night. An estimated 900 gallons of sewage reached Lake Norman. Charlotte Water said most homes along the lake that are served by low pressure sewer systems convey waste to a gravity-fed sewer to wastewater treatment plants.

Charlotte Water said a vehicle accidentally damaged a low pressure pipe causing the overflow.

This is the first spill in Cornelius this year.

Overall, water quality remains ‘excellent’

Over the past three years there have been more than a dozen sewage spills in and around Cornelius into the waters of Lake Norman, a most regrettable series of events that caused plenty of negativity on various Facebook pages, but no long-term effect, according to Catawba Riverkeeper Brandon Jones.

Sewage spills 2021-23

150 gallons on Yachtman Drive in February

458 gallons on Blakely Shores in March

405 gallons on Paradise Cove in June

200 gallons on Paradise Cove in July

50 gallons on Peninsula Club in September

2,695 gallons on Queensdale in December

520 gallons on Davidson Street in February

84 gallons on Mainsail in March

120 gallons on Peninsula Club in March

630 gallons on Spinnakers Reach in April

600 gallons on Meta in June

515 gallons on Holiday Lane in July

93 gallons on Belle Isle in October

460 gallons Torrence Chapel Estates Circle May 30

8,000 gallons 21328 Nautique June 11

700 gallons 18630 Jetton July 4

(Gallons unknown) 21328 Nautique Aug. 8

—There was also a spill in October in Huntersville near Birkdale Commons Parkway.