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Veteran Commissioner Dave Gilroy will not seek re-election

Gilroy honored for service by Mayor Washam

July 20.  By Dave Yochum. Veteran Town Commissioner Dave Gilroy says he will not seek re-election. “I’m definitely not running for re-election this year,” he told Cornelius Today.

He is currently mayor pro tem, meaning he logged the highest number of votes in the 2021 local elections. When he lost his bid for re-election in 2019 he immediately vowed to run again—and, of course, won. Before that, he was Town Commissioner from 2005 to 2019.

The co-founder of Scale Finance LLC, which provides flexible finance and accounting solutions to help companies scale, says he will focus his community service attentions on officiating high school football and basketball in the upcoming seasons.

“I love sports generally, and have always been a big believer in the character development impact of youth sports. I’m going to do my best to contribute on the football fields and basketball courts of regional high schools,” he said.

Gilroy plans to endorse Commissioner Denis Bilodeau who is running for mayor against incumbent Woody Washam.

Washam, who has run unopposed for three consecutive terms, has endorsements from Ericka and Bill Cain, the primary benefactors of the Cain Center for the Arts, as well as community leaders Donna and Dick Johnson.