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Update: LKN Humane says Nutmeg will have surgery Monday

Dec. 9.  Nutmeg, the rescue dog, will undergo surgery Monday, Dec. 12.

Lake Norman Humane put out a call in mid-November seeking donations to help Nutmeg  get the medical care she needs. 

Dana Kelley, director of operations at Lake Norman Humane, said $2,925 was raised—enough to cover the surgery and recovery costs.

When Nutmeg arrived at Lake Norman Humane she was a lively, playful and gentle girl, but staff noticed the 4-year-old shepherd mix was not walking normally.

Lake Norman Humane is covering the cost of her surgery and follow up appointments. She was adopted Nov. 19.

Dreadful injuries

An X-ray found an old hip injury and also three BB pellets embedded into her tail, leg and spine.

Because of how long she has been dealing with this injury, there has been bone damage and scar tissue built up causing discomfort and pain, the group said.

Surgery needed

Nutmeg will need an FHO, or femoral head ostectomy, surgery to help restore pain-free mobility. The BB pellets may be removed as well.

An X-ray showed three BB pellets in Nutmeg. Photo | Lake Norman Humane