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Town Board OKs 2 routine rezonings

Oct. 19. By Dave Vieser. In a sparsely attended Town Board meeting—the last before Election Day—the commissioners unanimously approved rezoning for a luxury car club near Life Fellowship Church on Chartown and a spruce-up for a non conforming retail strip on Hwy. 21.

The tranquil hearings were a big change from many of the previous hearings this year where residents took issue with the number of multi-family units approved by the same board.

• The first rezoning changes the zoning for 20410 Chartown Drive and an adjacent parcel to the north from Industrial Campus and Business Campus to conditional zoning. Applicant Eric Nichols of Van Zen Luxury Car Club plans to construct a 40,000 square foot clubhouse and 105-garage storage units in four buildings totaling 64,000 square feet. The luxury car club will join other auto and boat sales businesses which are relocating to this part of town just south of the Life Fellowship Church.

• The second approval permits owner Jay Montazerz to complete an exterior upfit to the building located at 19400 Statesville Road/Hwy. 21. There are no changes proposed to the site and the building size is proposed to stay the same. “The commercial, retail, and offices uses within the existing building are currently considered non-conforming uses,” said Deputy Town Manager Wayne Herron. “Non-conforming cannot be expanded, changed, or enlarged. The applicant’s goal is to make the uses on the site compatible with the zoning district and to enhance the appearance of the building.” The building was the former location of Pittsburgh Paints.

The commissioners also approved the 2021 Master plan for Robbins Park. The plan includes a number of new facilities for pickleball, a sport with a widely expanding number of fans and participants.


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