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Town Board expected to OK multi-family construction ‘time-out’ on Monday

Gilroy, Osborne, Furcht, Sansbury

Dec. 17. By Dave Yochum. As promised, the new Town Board—driven by Colin Furcht, Dave Gilroy, Michael Osborne and Todd Sansbury—will consider a resolution calling for a time-out on multi-family apartments, mixed-use development that includes multi-family and development of land set aside for rural preservation.

Commissioner Denis Bilodeau, the lone incumbent to win re-election, said he will vote for the resolution at Monday’s board of commissioners meeting.

The resolution says:

“The Board of Commissioners does hereby intend to disapprove any conditional zoning applications from this date that include more than ten units for all of the following: multifamily apartment residential development, mixed use development including multi-family, and single-family residential development in various areas including those areas currently zoned rural preservation, where density may need to be studied. In addition, building heights shall be evaluated in all categories, with the exception of Town Center.”

To read the resolution, click here.

The vote

The resolution, which is expected to pass 5-0, directs town staff to begin a nine- to 12-month study to update the Land Use Plan.


Rampant growth and lagging infrastructure were the twin issues that saw four pro-growth commissioners decisively lose their seats on the town board in November.


Furcht, Gilroy, Osborne and Sansbury ran on a “contract with Cornelius” that called for a mutli-family building moratorium to put the brakes on new construction.

Bilodeau distanced himself from the four incumbents—and won.


The Dec. 20 Town Board meeting will begin with a 5 pm pre-meeting to review the agenda, in Room 204 in Town Hall. The regular meeting begins at 6 pm in the Assembly Room on the ground floor.