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Antics at top of the ticket pose dilemma for local GOP

Oct. 7. UPDATE 5:30 pm. Some local Republican candidates are criticizing Donald Trump over lewd comments the GOP presidential nominee made about women, but one says he will stick with him because of the implications for the US Supreme Court. “It’s very disappointing that North Carolinians don’t have a better choice for President,” said NC Rep. […]


Thanks to Puckett, county includes budget info with tax bills

Aug. 22. By Dave Vieser. It took several years, but Mecklenburg County is including information on how tax dollars are spent with the annual property tax bills. Previously, county tax bills only included the total tax payment due, but no explanation of where the money goes. The new bills included a small insert with that […]

WidenI-77 questions financial safeguards if I-77 project fails

March 7. Widen I-77 will be present an analysis of the private tolling business model, including the planned I-77 project, this Thursday March 10 at Cornelius Town Hall. The presentation, which starts at 7 pm, will highlight common features of private toll road projects across the country. The group has not made a public presentation […]


Evernham: Toll planners should be ‘ashamed’

July 15. [UPDATE 1:45 pm] Opposition to the I-77 toll plan continues to gain speed. Major voices in the motorsports community are speaking out against the $650 million plan to widen I-77 with a public private partnership. As reported in BusinessToday’s July print edition, Humpy Wheeler opposes the current plan. Another major voice in the motorsports […]


Business leaders bus to Raleigh Tuesday to oppose toll plan

June 29. Lake Norman-area business leaders, ranging from bankers and racing executives to commercial real estate brokers and manufacturers, will travel by bus to the North Carolina State Capitol tomorrow to visibly join the fight against the public-private partnership that would widen I-77 with toll lanes. “I intend to call out that the NCDOT has the ability […]


Leadership in I-77 opinion battle coming from citizens, companies

“You know, I would actually love to have Jim back. I personally think his contribution to avoiding the tolls could have been similar to the impact he had on Reval. We desperately needed the famous ‘Jim touch’ at NCDOT/CRTPO in recent months/years.” —Corenlius Commissoner Dave Gilroy on former colleague Jim Bensman  Former Town Commissioner Jim […]


McCrory, DOT moving ahead with toll lanes despite towns’ wishes

May 15. Governor McCrory said yesterday he would not delay the I-77 toll project despite recent resolutions passed by Cornelius, Huntersville and Davidson asking him to do so. An elected official who was adamantly opposed to the toll-lane project reacted bluntly to the governor’s decision to forge ahead. “We’re basically screwed,” he said. Related: An e-mail […]