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Lyngbya treatment airboat

Lyngbya treatments are under way on the lake

April 16. Lyngbya treatments have begun on lake around Cornelius, according to the Lake Norman Marine Commission. The noxious dark-colored mats have a musty odor and make swimming problematic as temperatures rise. As of right now, Lyngbya infestation levels are relatively low—about 10 acres. A push by local stakeholders has resulted in the Marine Commission […]

Lyngbya Q&A: Did sewage spills encourage the outbreak?

Q: After more than a dozen sewage spills in Cornelius waters over the past three years, is there a relationship between these spills and the Lyngbya outbreak? A: No, the sewer spills that have plagued that area probably have little effect on the Lyngbya growth. Lyngbya doesn’t use the available nutrients in the water column, […]

Lyngbya in lake adjacent to the 18th hole at The Peninsula Club

Task force forming to attack Lyngbya, a growing problem

Sept. 27. By Dave Yochum. In the wake of a meeting at The Peninsula Club yesterday, local leaders will form a task force on a problem that is literally growing. Algae blooms known as Lyngbya wollei are apparently a threat to Lake Norman on the order of Hydrilla. Former NC Sen. Jeff Tarte said state […]