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Westmoreland/Hwy. 21 intersection getting improvements

May 15. By Dave Vieser. Relief is in sight for motorists traversing the intersection of Westmoreland Road and Highway 21/Statesville Road in Cornelius. Work crews have begun to clear trees on the south side of Westmoreland to permit the addition of a new turning lane. Lanes will also be added along Hwy. 21, and it’s all being funded by Atrium as they complete their new hospital.


This busy intersection suffers from major bouts of traffic constipation, all caused by the DOTs failure to provide adequate travel lanes and signals, particularly for eastbound motorists seeking to turn northbound onto Hwy. 21. The way it is currently configured, eastbound traffic seeking to turn left is forced to use the same lane as straight-through, an unworkable design for such a busy intersection.


When all the travel lanes have been added, left-turn motorists will have their own lane, with a dedicated signal. This is expected to reduce congestion at the intersection which is often used by crosstown motorists as an alternate to the heavy volume of traffic going through the DDI at Exit 28.

Improvements Atrium will complete:

• Add a dedicated left turn lane on eastbound Westmoreland Road to the maximum extent possible

• Extend dedicated right turn lane on eastbound Westmoreland Road

• Add 100 feet to southbound right turn lane on Statesville Road at existing Bailey Road

• Extend southbound left turn lane on Statesville Road at existing Bailey Road to 200 feet

• Add 100 feet northbound left turn lane on Statesville Road into hospital site

• Re-stripe westbound right turn lane on existing Bailey Road to a shared through/right lane.


5 Responses to “Westmoreland/Hwy. 21 intersection getting improvements”

  1. Tear more trees down.

    Then propose a $20 million bond for parks. WHERE will these parks be when no trees are left?

    And WHO will pay for it?

    Oh that’s right, more on the taxpayers’ backs for stupidity and GREED.

    Posted by D | May 15, 2024, 1:59 pm
  2. Getting these improvements done at this intersection is like a dream that is finally coming true! Thank you, Atrium!

    Posted by Stevie | May 15, 2024, 3:21 pm
  3. Best news this year!

    Posted by Michael | May 15, 2024, 8:19 pm
  4. Nothing will be solved until there is an Exit 27 (Westmoreland). I will be long gone from this traffic nightmare, er…I meant…Cornelius, before that happens. West Catawba is now 2028-2029. Good luck to anyone that stays.

    Posted by Chris Conroy | May 15, 2024, 9:57 pm
  5. Shame on this mayor for tearing down dozens of trees that added so much beauty to this town. So far last 2 years have just been tearing down every single green tree lined space in order to build parking lots next TO PARKING lots (especially near Publix). I moved here to be in a small country town.

    This is ridiculous and makes this town look awful. We have huge empty parking lots that sit emptyin abandoned strip malls (near Tropicana and Publix) that create an eyesore. It makes no sense why this town decides to tear down every single tree instead of repurpose areas that have already been cleared and sit empty like all these large empty lots.
    All this new construction reeks of GREED… and makes this town look bad. Just more and more concrete and stores.. There is nothing meaningful or useful being built for our children or communities:like free music in our elementary schools or anything to promote health or learning. Such poor priorities. Such an embarrasment.

    Posted by Robert Smith | May 18, 2024, 2:30 am

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