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After more than 100 years, Smithville’s time has come

RENEWAL | By Erica Batten July 19. In the year since the Town of Cornelius approved the small-area plan proposed by the Smithville Community Coalition, the nonprofit has been steadily moving forward with its revitalization and affordable housing efforts for the historically African American community in the heart of Cornelius. A tour of the area, […]

The many faces of Smithville

Smithville revitalization: How best to fight gentrification and preserve history?

April 9. By Tonya Rivens. At the first open community Zoom meeting of the Smithville Community Coalition, approximately 23 residents along with Mayor Washam and several Town Commissioners heard about their ambitious revitalization plan for the Black community just east of I-77. Observers say there is no consensus yet as to how to revitalize and […]