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Rendering of an archery range MecklenburgCounty is building at Fisher Farm in Davidson.

Archery range being built at Fisher Farm

Jan. 18. Mecklenburg County is building an archery range a Fisher Farm in Davidson. Fisher Farm is a 200 acres of land protected by environmental easements. The archery range will add to the passive recreation options allowed within the easement, while not disturbing the soil or causing erosion. Details on schedule, classes, rules and regulations […]

Win-win for county and conservancy

Sept. 21. Early this year, the Davidson Lands Conservancy initiated a collaboration of Davidson College professors and students, board members, supporters and the Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services to evaluate the impacts of the county‚Äôs proposed restoration of the West Branch in Fisher Farm and Abersham Parks. This is a large-scale project that will remove […]