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Town, HR director part company unexpectedly

June 8. By Dave Yochum. The town’s first HR director is no longer with the town after a personnel dispute with Town Manager Andrew Grant. In a letter to the mayor and Town Board, HR Director Jared Azzone said he was reviewed “negatively for not interacting with more employees during the time that the CDC […]

Actor Bill Burch, a.k.a. Sir William, left, shatters his lance on Jarrod Listiak a.k.a. Sir Phillipe a during the jousting performance in the desert arena at the Arizona Rennaissance Festival east of Phoenix. The wildly popular event celebrates the midieval times with a festival, artisans market, live entertainment and 1,000 actors in costume. The event, billed as the "greatest party since Camelot" runs for eight weekends beginning in February. (Rick D'Elia)

Carolina Renaissance Festival to host Job Faire

Aug. 23. If the button-down work environment of the cubicle-dweller isn’t for you and period costumes are more your style, the Carolina Renaissance Festival has employment opportunities for you. To find 350 seasonal employees, the festival is holding its first Job Faire event Friday and Saturday, Sept. 9 and 10, at the festival grounds, 16445 […]