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Piano bars, string lights approved for some residences

April 1. Piano bars in private residences got the official thumbs-up-it’s-a-go last night, along with outdoor string lights as long as they are transparent and not a hazard to navigation. The measure gives homeowners more leeway around deriving revenue from their domiciles. “Domicilic revenue was recognized as state-constitution-protected, legally if you will, home-produced income generated […]


Workforce housing dilemma: Housing stock consists of larger, more expensive homes.

Feb. 16. A new report from the Charlotte Urban Institute confirms there’s a workforce housing—aka affordable housing—crisis in North Meck. It means many families, even those with six-figure incomes, can’t afford to purchase the median price home in Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville. According to the Urban Institute report, the common standard that households should spend […]

workforce housing

Lack of workforce housing hits close to home

Feb. 16. By Dave Yochum. Housing in and around Cornelius has a split personality: There are multimillion-dollar homes within less than a mile of substandard properties, not to mention homeless people tucked away in a few wooded areas here and there. County-wide, the number of people experiencing homelessness continues to increase. As of June 2023, […]

LKNCDC helps make Cornelius housing more affordable

INTERVIEW | By Dave Vieser Jan. 16. The Lake Norman Community Development Corp. (LKNCDC) is adding more families to its list of success stories. The goal of the non-profit is to create affordable housing opportunities for moderate income households in the North Mecklenburg/Lake Norman region. LKNCDC Executive Director Michelle Hoverson, a former associate pastor at […]

Comprehensive housing plan approved by Town Board

Sept. 8. By Dave Vieser. “There’s lots of reason to be optimistic tonight!” With those words, Roger Waldron of Clarion Associates expressed his appreciation to the Cornelius Town Board as they unanimously approved a comprehensive housing plan at their Sept. 5 meeting. Waldron had worked for months on the details of the plan. Much of […]

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Housing plan on Town Board agenda tonight

Sept. 5. Dave Vieser. A comprehensive housing plan for Cornelius will be up for approval tonight at the Town Board meeting, being held a day later than usual due to Labor Day. The plan is an outgrowth of Mayor Washam’s Housing Study Committee which was formed in October 2020. “The Committee actually presented 14 recommendations […]

CDC initiative connects landlords, tenants

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | By Dave Vieser June 21. The need for affordable housing in Lake Norman continues to increase. While Cornelius is known for affluence, there are many limited income employed people who struggle to find affordable housing in the town where they work. A robust economy and in-migration have driven up housing prices and […]

Affordable housing

Davidson Community Foundation will assist westside residents impacted by reval

June 19. Davidson residents most severely impacted by Mecklenburg County’s new tax assessments may find relief thanks to a $22,000 grant from the Davidson Community Foundation to the Town of Davidson. The one-time grant can help up to 100 residents with immediate challenges around the town’s portion of property tax assessments. Mecklenburg County has additional […]

New affordable housing initiative connects landlords with qualified tenants

May 19. By Dave Vieser. While Cornelius is known for its affluence, there are many who struggle to find affordable housing in the town where they work. Economic growth has driven up housing prices and rents making it more difficult for low- and moderate-income families to pay for housing where they serve others. To help […]

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Unity in Community encourages residents to voice support for affordable housing

March 6. Unity in Community is urging residents to attend tonight’s Town Board meeting to show support for affordable housing in Cornelius. During the meeting, a public hearing on the recommendations of the Land Use Task Force is scheduled. Land use policies that limit density and building heights may make it difficult to impossible to […]