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Some businesses closed as more snow, sleet falls

Lake effect: It’s too cold to swim

Dec. 10. 9 am. Let is snow. And sleet. And rain. Before 2 pm. So says the National Weather Service about Cornelius weather. Businesses are opening late, if at all, and garbage pick-up today is cancelled.

Some neighborhood streets are impassable for standard vehicles, but major roads like Catawba are OK. Still, police say it’s best to stay home so that you don’t put others—including First Responders—at risk.

UPDATE 10 am: Police report no storm-related crashes.

CMS, of course is closed, as is Lakeside Charter Academy. The snow was heavy at 7:45 am.

Town Hall will open at noon. Food Lion is open, but the Harris Teeter on Old Jetton is only open for self-checkout customers. As of 8:45 am, there were no cashiers. The Starbucks shop inside was closed as well. Waterbean on Jetton is open.

The plan right now is for Aquesta to open at noon, but managers will tel-con at 10:30 to reconsider.

The National Weather Service says there a slight chance of snow and sleet between 2pm and 3pm. The high today will be a balmy 36-37, according to the NWS, but temps fall to 25 tonight.

It means roads freeze again.

Tuesday will be like summer—in the Arctic. Sunny and 43.

Use caution if you choose to go out!