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Slainte! Experiment went well in downtown social district

Social district in action / Photo by Jan Black

March 18. By Dave Yochum. Police Chief Kevin Black said things went well in the new Lake Norman Social District downtown on St. Patrick’s Day. There were “no reported incidents/issues/violations/etc. within the district last night,” Black said.

The Social District allowed people to carry drinks outside in specially designed cups while most everyone was wearin’ the green.


Safety precautions

Safety barriers kept traffic away from pedestrians. Meridian Street was also partially blocked off for food trucks.

Town Commissioner Denis Bilodeau said last night was a trial run. “I thought it went well,” he said, explaining that there could be additional lighting near crosswalks for the next installment.

Special district

Scaled-down, the social district will continue from Old Town Public House to a patio area two doors down with picnic tables, festive lighting and musicians.

New legislation known as HB 890 allowed revelers in a proscribed area to have open containers outside. By connecting multiple bars/restaurants in a smaller area, people are allowed to walk between them with a specific open container—previously a violation of state law.


It literally means “health,” and is used the way you’d say salud in Spanish. Here’s how to pronounce slainte.

There were crowds, too, at Galway Hooker in Kenton Place.

Connick School of Irish Dance outside Galway Hooker / Jason Benavides