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Sewage spill off Torrence Chapel Estates Circle

Torrence Chapel Estates Circle

May 29. [UPDATED May 30] Roughly 460 gallons of sewage spilled into Lake Norman from a damaged pipe on Torrence Chapel Estates Circle on Saturday, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS). A “No Swimming” advisory is in effect on Knox Cove.

[New] CMSWS on Tuesday morning said the no swim advisory remains in effect. It will most likely be lifted later this week.

The damage was caused by a private contractor while performing horizontal drilling. The pipe has been repaired and the discharge discontinued.

CMSWS is monitoring water quality in the area until bacteria levels are determined to be suitable for human contact at which time the no swimming advisory will be lifted.

Sewage spills in 2021-22


150 gallons on Yachtman Drive in February

458 gallons on Blakely Shores in March

405 gallons on Paradise Cove in June

200 gallons on Paradise Cove in July

50 gallons on Peninsula Club in September

2,695 gallons on Queensdale in December


520 gallons on Davidson Street in February

84 gallons on Mainsail in March

120 gallons on Peninsula Club in March

630 gallons on Spinnakers Reach in April

600 gallons on Meta in June

515 gallons on Holiday Lane in July

93 gallons on Belle Isle in October