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Roundabouts: We will remember you

June 7. By Dave Vieser. The triple roundabouts related to the troublesome intersection of Torrence Chapel Road and West Catawba appear to be doomed. At their pre-agenda meeting on Monday June 6, the Town Board concurred with the recommendation of the town staff that the roundabouts be abandoned, primarily as a result of a new analysis provided by the NCDOT.

Under revised project costs, the cost of building the three roundabouts has jumped by some $11.5 million. Since the town would have to shoulder all of the increase, the commissioners joined town officials in questioning the viability of continuing the project.

But before the town officially pulls the plug, the board asked town officials to ask NCDOT about possibly applying some of the funds initially slated for the roundabouts to other key projects in town, such as the widening of West Catawba Avenue or a new Exit 27 for I 77.

Under the original proposal, roundabouts were scheduled to be built at the intersection of Torrence Chapel Road and Knox Road, Torrence Chapel Road north of Old Torrence Chapel Road (near the Fresh Market entrance), and at the intersection of Liverpool Parkway and Chartwell Center Drive.