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Residents, town reach agreement on speed bumps

June 8. By Dave Vieser. A plan that would allow the Town of Cornelius to take over maintenance of Potts Plantation Circle in Bailey Springs has finally been agreed upon. Due to Hough High students parking on the road, the homeowners association had installed speed bumps—but without town permission—and then asked the town to assume maintenance for the road.

Under the terms of an agreement approved 3-2 by the Town Board Monday evening June 6, the town will assume maintenance of the road under two conditions:

1. The Bailey Springs Homeowners Association will be responsible for painting each speed bump and placing signs at each one by July 15.

2. The Town does not accept and will not repair damage to speed bumps as the installed speed bumps do not meet any Town standard. The Bailey Springs HOA will make such repairs to speed bumps at its expense when determined and directed by the Town.

Speed bump in the road

The situation began when residents saw cars speeding, and had speed bumps installed.

The problem: The speed bumps were not installed in compliance with the Town’s Traffic Calming policy.

Town officials are hopeful that in any such future occasions residents and their HOA will consult the town policies before erecting speed bumps or other traffic deterrents.