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Rescue dog Nutmeg recovering from surgery; how to foster and other needs

Nutmeg is recovering from surgery. Photo | Lake Norman Humane Society

Dec 19. The Lake Norman Human Society reports that rescue dog Nutmeg—who had an old hip injury and three BB pellets lodged in her  tail, leg and spine—had surgery last week and is recovering at home.

“Nutmeg’s surgery went OK. She was quite a mess and has a long recovery ahead of her,” Dana Kelley, director of operations at Lake Norman Humane, said in an email.

Lake Norman Humane put out a call in mid-November seeking donations to help Nutmeg  get the medical care she needs.  Kelley said $2,925 was raised—enough to cover the surgery and recovery costs.

When Nutmeg arrived at Lake Norman Humane, she was a lively, playful and gentle girl, but staff noticed the 4-year-old shepherd mix was not walking normally.

Lake Norman Humane is covering the cost of her surgery and follow up appointments. She was adopted Nov. 19.

Hope for the Holidays Campaign

When you donate to  the group’s Hope for the Holidays Campaign, every dollar up to $15,000 will be matched $2 for every $1 donated. If $15,000 is donated by Jan. 2, Lake Norman Humane will receive another $30,000 for a total of $45,000 to help the pets.

Often, the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that have found shelter at Lake Norman Humane are sick, injured or have behavior issues and are at risk of euthanasia, according to an appeal for donations. Rehabilitating these dogs and cats is the core of what the group does, the appeal says.  Puppies with parvo, kittens with upper respiratory infections, dogs with tumors and cats with broken limbs are just examples of the pets that we have helped heal and find homes.

Other needs

Lake Norman Human is always in need of the items on its wishlist as well as items such as towels and blankets, Kelley says. “We go through these things so quickly right now due to us having more animals than we ever have.”

Fostering is another option. “We like to have fosters ready to go so that we can act quickly when a case may arise” Kelley says. If you are interested,  fill out a foster application.

Nutmeg is recovering from surgery. Photo | Lake Norman Humane Society