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Potts Barber Shop gains historic designation

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission photo

Oct. 6. By Dave Vieser. Potts Barber Shop on Catawba Avenue—one of the oldest businesses in Cornelius—officially received historical designation at the Town Board meeting this week. Members of the Potts family were there as town commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the designation.

“The Potts Barber Shop is an important cultural and historic property for the Town of Cornelius and very worthy of the historic landmark designation,” said historic preservation advocate Abigail Jennings. “The Potts family’s contributions to our region should be preserved and shared with future generations. They have touched many lives over the years and this is a well-earned accomplishment.”

At the meeting, a presentation by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission gave a comprehensive overview of the local and regional significance of the Potts Barber Shop.

Gerald “Mickey” Potts still cuts hair at the shop his father Wilson opened in 1960. Gerald’s late wife Nannie Potts was the first and only African-American mayor of Cornelius.

Current plans are to coordinate the historic preservation plaque dedication with local programs during Black History Month in February 2022.


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