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Pedestrian struck in Davidson

Dec. 26. Six months after a pedestrian fatality on Main Street, Davidson Police say there has been another incident near the South Street intersection: A pedestrian was struck and transported with non-life threatening injuries to the hospital Sunday.

A witness told police the pedestrian was crossing against the signal.

Troubling history

In June, Davidson resident Suzanne Younts died after being struck by a vehicle on Main Street near the intersections of Chairman Blake and South streets. The 64-year-old former teacher died on the scene.

Five years before, Janet McFadden, the owner of Davidson Pet Sitters, was struck and killed by a truck near the same intersection.

Task force

The two incidents prompted the Davidson Town Board to establish a task force this past fall to look at pedestrian safety. The task force presentation to the Town Board is here. To view the recommendations, click here.