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On-street parking change planned for Jetton Extension

Jetton Extension: Elevation changes, curves, narrow

May 20. By Dave Vieser. The Town of Cornelius plans to ban on-street parking on Jetton Road Extension. The decision was reached at Monday’s May 17 Town Board Meeting and was classified as a safety measure.

Many parents whose children go to the two private schools on the road, especially the Primrose School, use the on-street parking spaces to drop off or pick up their children, often during rush hours. The road is narrow, with curves and grade changes that limit sight distance.


Its condition was described by Town Manager Andrew Grant at Monday’s meeting as “one entire patch…the road is literally falling apart.”

Removing on-street parking may also impact some local businesses on Jetton Road extension; the town will reach out to them once plans are finalized.

The issue arose as the Town Board was discussing transportation priorities and the proposed 2022 budget. Jetton Road Extension carries more traffic than anticipated. It is a town-maintained thoroughfare so the town board has complete control over the road.

A short distance east, the narrow two lane road name changes to Sefton Park Road, where a large mixed-use project has been proposed. It was unclear if the removal of on street parking would cover this area.